If you missed our top picks in regards to some of the auction trends going on in the market today then make sure to check them out here.

It is now very timely to get involved in auctions, as an increasing number of real estate professionals turn to auctions as a winning marketing tool. The auction trend is gaining momentum and it you can now be part of that momentum and on the leading edge of a powerful new selling dynamic in the real estate industry.

Our mission is to maximize your property’s potential with our accelerated marketing program, reaching thousands of prospective buyers at the local, regional, and national levels.

real-estate-concept-1Our aggressive marketing campaigns, including print, internet, mail, and our R.A.M.P. program provide maximum exposure for our sellers. Buyers come to us to find exclusive properties and obtain detailed property information. Both buyers and sellers can benefit by joining the Premier Club to stay updated on the latest auctions and industry trends.

Among other things, the exterior of a home is extremely important as far as making a sale go through and this is something that many other companies out there tend to overlook in regards to the real estate market as a whole.

Just like hiring a real estate agent that is licensed, insured, and trustworthy, it is important to only hire general contractors (click for reference) or a roofing company (click for reference) that has all of the necessary paperwork and insurance filed for any project. This can make or break a sale and this is definitely something you do not want to neglect doing.

We have seen time and time again people getting burned by companies that promise the world then fall short and can end up costing you an entire sale if you aren’t careful.

First impression is everything so you want to make sure that when you are ready to show the world your beautiful home ready to sell that it is in nothing but perfect condition.

Our Favorites

After looking over the list of articles we posted yesterday we wanted to give a brief overview of some of our favorites and save you the trouble of having to go through all of them, although we encourage you to do so if you have the time.

“Going, Going, Gone!” – Florida Realtor Magazine

This article quotes an industry expert as saying “Most people think of auctions as having to do with distressed sales. That’s not true. Auctions can work for every property, and they often bring in higher sales prices than you’d get by selling a home the traditional way.”

Marilou MacKenzie, corporate auctioneer for Palm Beach-based Illustrated Properties, says that the properties her sales associates put up for auction sell from 87 to 108 percent of list or appraisal price.

“More high-end home sellers ringing auction bell.” – Houston Business Journal

The article goes on to say that “Once viewed as a desperate attempt to get rid of an undesirable home in the event of a foreclosure or bankruptcy, some industry experts say auctions are becoming more popular as the first choice to sell a high-end home.”

“Real Estate Fuels Live Auctions” – Daily Real Estate News

This article reports that the live auction industry has grown to $255 billion, and that the hottest category of all, residential real estate, grew by 4.4 percent in the first half of 2006, after an 8.4 percent increase in 2005 over 2004. Key to the increase is greater acceptance by both consumers and real estate practitioners. Forty percent of consumers who responded to a related survey say they believe residential real estate will be more frequently sold through live auctions in the future.

Auctions Trend

What Are Others Saying About Real Estate Auctions?

Real estate auctions in Florida are quickly growing in popularity among Realtors, sellers and buyers. The following industry news excerpts and web links are provided to give you a broader understanding of the auction process from a variety of perspectives.


In a couple of these articles, you will notice that there are references to auctions working better for sellers and better than traditional listings, which were not bringing buyers. It is not our intention here to be critical in any way of the traditional method of selling by way of listings. Listings have been and always will be a fundamental method for selling real estate. However, we found these articles to be informative with regard to how some sellers feel about listings that aren’t selling and why that feeling lead them to choose an auction as a possible alternative. It’s always good to know what the sellers out there, and perhaps your own clients, are thinking.

  • “Auctions Gain Big in Popularity” – Realtor Magazine
  • As Sales Slow, Sellers Give Property Auctions a Try” – Real Estate News
  • Going Once, Going Twice …” – Baltimore Business Journal
  • Do I hear 10 million dollars? Looking For A Shortcut By Way of Auction” – From The New York Times real estate section
  • More high-end home sellers ringing auction bell.” – Houston Business Journal
  • Real Estate Fuels Live Auctions” – Daily Real Estate News

Partner Benefits

If you are still aren’t convinced in what we have to offer for you as a partner at Premier Real Estate Auctions, then this post is for you.

There are many exciting advantages of real estate auctions and of becoming a Partner in our Realtor Accelerated Marketing Program. Many of the benefits listed below are also listed at the website for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS – under the heading “Real Estate Auctions – Basics & Benefits”. To learn more about the value of being a Premier Partner and what it can do for your business, please contact us here. Below are some of the benefits for you and your clients:

Benefits for our Premier Partners:

  • conceptAuctions generate a group of ready, qualified buyers.
  • Little to no investment or up-front marketing fees.
  • Our program helps accelerate your sales and increase cash flow.
  • Properties are sold and closed quickly and efficiently.
  • Ready & qualified buyers get exposed to all of your listings, not just the auction listing.
  • Successful auctions result in referrals and return business.
  • Develop your own market niche.
  • We will assist you in marketing this program to your listing clients.
  • By partnering with us, you can earn commissions from your own listings and, additionally, you may earn commissions by bringing buyers to the auctions.

Benefits for your Listing Clients:

  • We perform an aggressive marketing program to attract the best quality buyers.
  • Little to no up-front or additional fees for your clients to pay.
  • Buyers that come to an auction are prepared to buy with pre-qualified financing.
  • All sales are final and protected by a non-refundable cash down payment.
  • Reserve auctions protect the seller’s investment.
  • Auctions virtually eliminate stalling tactics, insincere offers and contingencies.

Premier Real Estate Partners

We at Premier Real Estate Auctions are pleased to extend this invitation to you – to become a Premier Partner in our Realtor Accelerated Marketing Program. We have designed our program to ensure the maximum benefit for you and your clients.

handSelling real estate at auctions is a fast growing trend. Across the country, real estate professionals are increasingly turning to the auction as a winning marketing tool and are now integrating auctions into their business – not just as an alternative, but as a very important part of their business model. They realize that the auction trend is quickly gaining momentum and it makes good business sense to be part of that momentum and be on the leading edge of a powerful new selling dynamic in the real estate industry.

Auctions offer clients and customers new options and they enhance an agent’s image as a full-service professional. You will be adding a new and powerful marketing tool to your reserves of professional techniques. This is especially important as more and more property owners become increasingly interested in selling at auctions – and often as their first choice to sell their property. If they are not choosing to list their property, you can still gain them as a client if they know that you offer this option. Additionally, once they’re aware that you are affiliated with Premier Real Estate Auctions and that they will incur minimal to no upfront costs, you will have a distinct advantage. You will learn more about this and other details as you learn about how the program works.

Premier Real Estate Auctions

We believe that auctions offer a very powerful business opportunity and that by working hand in hand with Realtors, there is no limit to what we can do together. Our program is not designed to simply acquire an occasional referral. We want to develop a long-term partnership with you and together, be at the forefront of this exciting development in the real estate industry.


I would like to direct you to two other pages for your review. The first one is the benefits of auctions for sellers (your clients) and for Realtors. Also, you can become more familiar with the auction trend and learn just how popular it is really becoming by reviewing some articles that we have provided. These articles will provide you with interesting and useful perspectives and insights from sellers, buyers and real estate professionals, as to what they think about auctions and why they are choosing auctions as an important method of selling property.

There are two main keys to a successful auction. The first is a very strong advertising campaign that the auction company conducts. That’s our responsibility, of course, and we will be doing extensive advertising to a broad audience in newspapers, flyers, radio, etc. And, as you also know, this is all at our expense. There are no up-front costs for you or your clients.

The other key is that the seller sets a reasonable price for their property. Charge too little and you’ll always wonder if you lost money on the deal. Ask for too much and you’ll “go stale,” making buyers suspicious that something’s dreadfully wrong or that you’re simply an unreasonable person.”